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Our Researchers

Dr Ameed Saabneh

Dr. Saabneh, a quantitative  sociologist, research inequalities, stratification and displacement

Dr. raid-saabni

Dr. Saabni researches document Image Analysis; Image Processing; Machine Learning; Pattern Recognition; Text and Script Recognition;

Dr. Esther Magadley

Dr. Magadley’s research deals with  introducing Semi-Transparent Flexible Photovoltaic Films into greenhouses

Dr. Nabih Bashir

Dr. Bashir is an expert on Jewish intellectual development in the Medieval Islamic lands

Dr. Abed Azab

Dr. Azab works on medicinal plant and their medical and agricultural uses.

Dr. Eihab Kabha

Dr. Kabha’s laboratory conducts research on the field of nano-theranostics with particular focus both on diagnostics and therapeutics.

Dr. Jallal Gnaim

Dr. Ganaim’s focus is on molecular encapsulation of  various active ingredients with medical and agricultural applications


Dr. Sharkia is focused on genetic disorders with special focus on consanguinity

Dr, Mohammad Mahagna

Dr. Mohammad Mahagna

Dr. Mahagna’s interests are in Animal Nutrition, Health and smoking cessation and comparative law,


Dr. Abdelnaser Zalan

Dr. Zalan’s focus is on the genetics dangers of  consanguinity


Dr. Azhar works on antiviral and anti-tumor activities of plant extracts


Dr.  Yahia-Younis  researchers gender and sociological theory